Maternity Services visiting (Covid-19)

Please note our Maternity visiting restrictions – updated 15 October 2020.

Maternity services:

  • Antenatal ward – Women admitted for an antenatal stay or to commence the Induction of labour process, birth partners can have a pre-arranged two hour visiting slot daily.
  • Postnatal ward – Mothers and babies who need to be transferred for ongoing care or after Caesarean Section, birth partner can stay on the Postnatal ward for two hours after transfer from CDS or theatre OR can go home and revisit on a pre-arranged 2 hour visiting slot daily.​
  • Please note, all visiting slots must be pre-arranged with ward staff.
  • No more than two visitors in a four bedded bay at any one time.
  • All visitors must wear a mask, have their temperature checked and Covid questionnaire completed prior to entry to the wards or CDS.
  • Visitors are requested to remain in the woman’s bed space at all times.
  • Please note there is no visiting on day of discharge.​

Antenatal Services:

Please note, we are asking mothers to come alone to their antenatal appointments. An exception to this is that we are currently allowing partners to accompany for 18 to 21 week anomaly scans. We are reviewing these restrictions regularly and will communicate any further easing of these guidelines.

For further information and guidance, please follow our Doncaster and Bassetlaw Maternity Services Facebook page here.

Please note, visitors must not be symptomatic of Covid-19, or part of a household which has been told to isolate. You must also wear a mask for the duration of your visit without exception.

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