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An exciting and innovative addition to the services for cancer patients, the Aurora Centre offer a package of free beauty and complementary therapy treatments to local people, designed for both men and women, who have had a diagnosis of cancer.

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The Centre also offers two complimentary treatments to their carers.

The initial appointment is a consultation with one of our professional and highly qualified Therapists, who will advise on the most suitable treatments, and includes a mini hand treatment.

Please allow one hour for the initial consultation appointment. Following consultation, choose from the following luxury treatment selection:

Hand Treatment (one hour)

A luxury hand treatment designed to leave your hands feeling soothed, hydrated and revitalised. Includes gentle exfoliation of dry skin, treatment mask and hand massage.

Warm Wax Treatment for the Hands (one hour)

Experience the ultimate pamper for hands. A wonderfully hydrating warm wax treatment that leaves your hands feeling soft and nourished at the same time helping to improve the condition of your fingernails.

Manicure (one hour)

Designed to ensure your hands look their best, including nail reshaping, gentle exfoliation of dry skin and a luxury hand massage. Nail enamel optional

Pedicure (one hour 15 minutes)

A beautiful treatment for tired aching feet, including gentle exfoliation of dry skin, nail reshaping and soothing foot massage. Nail enamel optional.

Warm Wax Treatment for the Feet (one hour)

A luxury treatment to improve the skin condition and ease tired, aching feet, including foot spa, exfoliation of dry skin, application of warm wax and a soothing foot massage.

Facial (one hour 15 minutes)

A luxurious facial customised to suit the individual needs of your skin. Our Beauty Therapist will offer expert advice on how you can improve and maintain the condition of your skin. The ultimate pamper treatment!

Eye Treatment (one hour)

A relaxing and de-stressing treatment for the eyes to help eliminate dark circles, puffiness and hydrates the delicate skin around the eye area leaving you feeling wonderfully revitalised.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancement (one hour)

Our Beauty Therapist will apply specialised products to enhance your eyebrows and eyelashes whilst at the same time instructing you how to do this at home for yourself. Please note a patch test is required 24-48 hours prior to each eyelash enhancement.

Makeover (one hour)

Why not treat yourself to a makeover for that special occasion. Our Beauty Therapist will expertly apply your make-up to suit your individual requirements and enhance your appearance, whilst at the same time instructing you to recreate the look for yourself at home. A specialised range of mineral make-up is used to provide a natural look.

Reflexology (one hour)

This consists of massage of reflex points on the foot, which relate to organs found within their particular zone or meridian. Known as ‘Reflexology’, this treatment clears any blockages that are evident, thus encouraging the body to function to its full potential. It helps to reduce stress and revitalises the body and mind.

Reiki (one hour)

Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing. It helps to balance the body by treating the whole person, mind, body and spirit rather than the specific symptom.  Reiki is non-intrusive and no clothing removed.

Massage – Aurora Upper Body Massage (45 minutes)

A non-stimulating, therapeutic upper body massage to the back, neck, and shoulders including a gentle head massage.  No clothing removed.

‘Headstrong’ Service (one hour 30 minutes)

Try on a wide range of headwear and learn the practical skills required to secure scarves and bandanas. Receive advice on how to look after your hair and scalp during and after cancer treatments.

‘Feel Good’ Workshop (including a light lunch)

A group session introducing style and image as a tool to help build confidence and self-esteem including a mini-makeover to teach the principles of colour and how it affects confidence, a great fun session.

‘Your Life to Live’ Workshop (including a light lunch)

A group session focusing on developing a positive mental attitude to help lead the very best life you can, highly recommended.

To book an appointment or enquire, please contact your preferred centre.

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