Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC)

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC) are one-stop-shops for checks, scans and tests.

Visiting / opening times

    Check each service within the CDC for their opening times.

Contact service

Services within the CDC

A number of testing services are available at the CDC, including:

Other services will join the CDC this year, including Dermoscopy.

Patient referral

If you have been advised to have a diagnostic test as part of your treatment, you will be offered an appointment within the service related to your care.

You can have the option to be seen at the CDC, if the service is available there. One benefit to choosing the CDC is that your appointment date will arrive sooner. This is due to the location of the CDC within the Montagu site, and it being a protected site away from emergency and urgent care.

Changing your appointment

If you wish to change your appointment, please contact the booking service: 01302 642500 or email:

Patient information leaflets

To access patient information about the different procedures and treatments within the CDC services, please go to their specific page in the list above.

Where is the CDC?

The CDC is located within the Montagu Hospital.

To get there, please follow

Find out more about the CDC

The CDC will expand its service to include an Imaging Suite, which will be placed within a new building located at the rear of the Montagu Hospital site.

Find out more about the new CDC facility here.

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