Updated visiting restrictions at our hospitals

Over the last 10 days, we have seen a significant increase in cases of COVID in the Doncaster community and we want to minimise as much as we can the risk of COVID coming into hospital. As such, from Thursday 1 July, the following visiting guidance will be in place.

Note: Those wishing to visit will have to book their timeslot ahead of time by calling the relevant service.

  • Adult inpatients – One named visitor per person for one hour a day.  Visitors must have their temperature taken and they must complete the screening questions on arrival. There will be a booking system so that there is only one person per bay visiting at any one time and a record of visitors will be kept for test and trace purposes.
  • End of Life Care – Open visiting is still available for patients receiving End of Life care – However, all visitors will need to follow the screening process above. Please call ahead and the team will endeavour to facilitate larger families.
  • Learning disabilities, complex needs and those with dementia – Two named visitors are permitted but at different times (only one visitor at a time). However, these visitors are not restricted to one hour.
  • Elective surgery and procedures – All visiting must be conducted virtually (via a phone, tablet or laptop), and is only permitted on compassionate grounds. If unsure, call the service you wish to visit.
  • Paediatric care – For full guidance, please click here.
  • Maternity services – For full guidance, please click here.
  • Outpatients – For those attending for an appointment, one individual may accompany, however please note that they may be asked to leave if social distancing becomes a problem. If unsure, please call ahead.
  • Emergency Department (A&E) – No visitors are permitted in ED apart from in exceptional circumstances. Please discuss with Nurse in charge for adult patients if they fall into the category above (EOL and Learning disabilities/complex needs)