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What is Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU)?

PIFU puts you in control of making an appointment when you need it and provides you with direct access to guidance when you need it. The majority of patients with stable long-term conditions do not require regular follow up by the hospital team. Research has shown that regular visits do not help to prevent your condition returning, or identify new problems.

Instead of being offered regular clinic visits and routine check-ups, PIFU patients can make their own appointment only when they need it e.g. when you experience a flare-up of your condition – reducing
the unnecessary anxiety, travel and time spent waiting for a routine follow-up.

How does it work?

You will be advised by your clinician if your condition is now suitable to have your follow-ups as patient initiated instead of the regular appointments scheduled by the hospital.

Your clinician will discuss the process with you and your suitability and provide you with this leaflet to consider your options. Managing your appointments in this way is optional and it is your decision.

How do I book a patient initiated follow up appointment?

The service is quick and easy to use. If you experience a problem related to your condition, call the relevant admin team number  and explain to the team that you are experiencing a problem and you need advice. The team will agree a suitable appointment date and time over the phone with you, within the next 20 days. Please note that the operator cannot give any clinical advice.

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