Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) provide life-improving treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking or swallowing.

SLTs assess and treat speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help them communicate better. They also assess, treat and develop personalised plans to support people who have eating and swallowing problems.

Using specialist skills, SLTs work directly with clients and their carers and provide them with tailored support. They also work closely with teachers and other health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, other allied health professionals and psychologists to develop individual treatment programmes.

The Speech & Language Therapy Team is made up of qualified speech and language therapists, therapy assistants and administrative and clerical staff. Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are registered allied health professionals. Allied health professional is how we describe trained professionals who aren’t doctors or nurses. All the therapists are registered with the national regulatory body, the Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC) which maintains an online register of all Speech and Language Therapists meeting the required standards.

All therapists are members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT):

Find out more about what Speech and Language Therapists do and the careers available in Speech and Language Therapy, on the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists website.

For further information please contact:

  • Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Service
    Doncaster Royal Infirmary
    Armthorpe Road
    Doncaster, DN2 5LT
    Tel: 01302 642633


  • Adult Speech & Language
    Doncaster Royal Infirmary
    Armthorpe Road
    Doncaster, DN2 5LT
    Tel: 01302 644218

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service

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