Learning disability support at DBTH

How we aim to improve the hospital experience for those who have learning disabilities at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH).

Help for people with a Learning Disability

If you or a person you care for has a learning disability and is coming into hospital soon, there is a range of support to help you.

There are Learning Disability Ambassadors who can help you, along with other dedicated staff who understand the extra support you might need.

There are also some videos that will help to make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Your Health Passport

This is a document that you can take with you when you come to the hospital. It helps the people who care for you understand what support you need. It also lets us know what you likes and what you don’t like. You can download the document here and then print it out and take it with you to any appointments you have at the hospital.

The Health Passport

Coming to an appointment

Watch Janet when she came along to an outpatient appointment at Bassetlaw Hospital.

Coming to an X-ray appointment

About our Learning Disability Service

Unfortunately, individuals with learning disabilities are more likely to face health issues during their lifetime. While some of this is unavoidable, there are aspects where we can improve the service provided to those living with learning disabilities, helping them to live happier, healthier and life. To try and achieve this, at DBTH we have introduced the Learning Disabilities Team. The aim of the service is to:

  • Increase awareness of the needs of patients with learning disabilities to the hospital staff.
  • Offer guidance to patients, family or carers whilst they are in hospital.
  • Facilitate patients coming in for planned care.
  • Support the trust to deliver specific LD training to all staff, students and volunteers.
  • Offer specialist support to clinical wards and areas.
  • Visit patients with learning disabilities who come into hospital.
  • Check if any reasonable adjustments are needed.
  • Collaborate with community services and hospital services.
  • Support the use of accessible information.
  • Provide Information Packs to patients, including Health Passports (see below).
  • The Learning Disability Team will provide support and advice to the Learning Disability community.

You can get in touch with us by telephone or email.

The learning disability team can be contacted via email:  dbth.learningdisabilitiesteam@nhs.net

Evelyn Messom, Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
Based at Bassetlaw Hospital
Email: Evelyn.messom@nhs.net
Mobile: 07517133282

Rebecca Knapton, Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
Based at Doncaster Royal Infirmary
Email: rebecca.knapton@nhs.net
Mobile: 07771 825880

Simon Brown, Trust Acute Learning Disability Lead
Divisional Director of Nursing
Email: Simon.Brown27@nhs.net

Learning Disabilities Ambassadors

The trust has a network of Learning Disabilities Ambassadors who play an important role in supporting the Trust to effectively meeting the needs of patients living with learning disabilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Be an advocate for patients with learning disabilities including their carers.
  2. Act as an innovative and enthusiastic role model, providing leadership, guidance and advice to staff on the care of patients.
  3. Maintain effective communications within your departmental team on best practice and to support and enable staff to provide high quality patient care to patients with a learning disability.
  4. Ensure appropriate resources are available within the department to support patients with Learning Disability and Autism.
  5. Ensure that each service area gives consideration to the production and provision of information to patients with learning disabilities in an accessible format i.e. easy read in accordance with Trust policy and procedures.
  6. Ensure that reasonable adjustments have been considered to take into account the needs of patients who have learning disabilities.
  7. Promote the safety and well-being of patients who have a learning disability, staff and other visitors to your department.
  8. Ensure untoward incidents are regularly reported and ensure that appropriate action is taken with the departmental lead.

LD ambassadors can be identified by the following pin badge, which will be visible on their lanyard or uniform.

Learning Disability Ambassador badge

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