Our phones are being upgraded

Throughout March and parts of April, we will be carrying out an essential upgrade to our telephony system. This means that, on given dates, certain phones will be temporarily down.

The upgrade will be rolled out in stages at our various sites, commencing on  Monday 1 March. This earlier phase will primarily affect phones that are for internal use, and so you will still be able to reach us on the main hospital number (01302 366666). However, we do ask for your patience if you do experience any momentary delays on the following dates:

For Doncaster Royal Infirmary: 1st March, 4th March, 24th March.
For Bassetlaw: 4th March, 10th March, 11th March
For Montagu: 11th, 24th March

Please be assured that any disruptions on these days should only last for a couple of minutes.

Then, on both Tuesday 16 March and Saturday 10 April,  there will be more substantial works that might cause you to struggle in getting through to the hospital. Again, this should only last for a couple of minutes, and is planned to occur at a less busy time, in order to miminise any disruption.

Specifics (including timeframes and what you might encounter if you do try to call the hospital) will be communicated closer to the dates in question.