Your stay and visiting

For visiting times and ward contact details, please refer to the Ward Information section.

For more information on your inpatient stay, click here.

Car parking

Maternity services in Doncaster are located in the Women’s and Childrens Hospital which is accessed via Gate 1a off Thorne Road.

A pay and display car park facility is in operation. Limited parking space is available therefore we recommend use of the hospital free park and ride service.

Bassetlaw Maternity services are located in the Kilton Hill side of Bassetlaw Hospital but can be easily accessed via both Kilton Hill and Blyth Road entrances. Parking outside the maternity unit is limited; however there are a number of other ‘pay to park’ car parks on the hospital site.

Disabled parking is available on both sites.


Both units operate a robust security system for the safety of all new mums and babies.  All ward areas are locked, access and exit is controlled by ward staff.  All clients are given information about security and safety whilst in hospital, so that they are aware of the measures in place. Visitors must adhere to the visiting times and numbers permitted and observe the security measures in operation. Please be patient in waiting for staff to answer the door buzzers as their main priority is caring for women and babies on the ward.

Infection control and prevention

Relatives, siblings and friends are requested NOT to visit if they have sore throats, flu like symptoms, diarrhoea, vomiting, any infectious illness or have had a recent hospital admission because of the danger of passing infections on to women and babies. Can we also request that all visitors refrain from sitting on ward beds and use the visitor’s chairs that are provided.


In the main foyer of the Doncaster Women’s Hospital there is a small shop selling a wide variety of goods and baby gifts. There is also a Coffee Shop which provides light snacks and refreshments. Out of hours vending machines are also available and over in the main hospital there are further snack facilities.

At Bassetlaw, there are a number of amenities for hot and cold refreshments close to the maternity wards.  There is a hospital shop selling a wide variety of goods.  The hospital canteen is also open to the public.  Out of hours vending machines are also available.


For the health and wellbeing of patients and visitors, the hospital operates a no smoking policy and you are asked to comply strictly with this rule.

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