General Information

The Women’s Services Directorate provides Gynecology care and care during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period, to women from the local areas.

All of the staff who work within Women’s Services are committed to providing care that meets the individual needs of women and their families. We aim to create a caring environment and to work in partnership with women and families to achieve their satisfaction in this.

Hospital Clinic Attendance

It is difficult to know how long each woman will need to spend with the doctor or other staff and from time to time there may be unforeseen delays.  For example a doctor may be called away to deal with an emergency, or an individual woman may have specific needs that have to be addressed urgently.

The clinic staff endeavor to keep women informed of any delay and how long a wait is expected.

Cancelling or Changing Appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know so that the appointment may be offered to another patient and a new appointment can be offered to you.

Doncaster direct dial telephone 01302 642814

Bassetlaw direct dial telephone 01909 502211


Women whose first language is not English, may have difficulty in telling staff their problems and then understanding the help offered.  For these women the hospital uses an interpreting service, which covers many different languages and the staff can arrange this service.

Please let us know your needs.

Special Needs

For women who advise us of any special needs, for example a physical or sensory disability, we will adapt our services to ensure the most helpful environment is provided.


The hospital provides training for student doctors , nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals.  They work alongside the team providing care in order to learn practical skills and clinical knowledge.  They are present during consultations with midwives, nurses or doctors to learn about healthcare.  This assists in a valuable and practical way with a student’s learning.  However, a woman’s wishes are always respected if they prefer that students are not present during their care.

Compliments or concerns

It is important that all women feel able to tell us about their experiences.  The Women’s Services Directorate welcomes comments from all women and their family members. Feedback is very important and is used to improve the service. All concerns are taken seriously and appropriate actions are taken.

Please contact or call 01302 642206.

The Patient Experience Team can also be contacted for advice or support.  This service is another means to give feedback or receive support if a concern arises.

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