Adult Diabetes Dietetic Service

A diabetes dietitian can help you to understand how your food choices affect your diabetes and to consider the options available to you. We can work together to enable you to set some diabetes related goals, to agree an individualised plan and empower you to make some changes to achieve your goals.

Visiting / opening times

  • Monday to Friday 08:30 AM 04:30 PM

Contact service

 Patient Portal for Adults Living with Diabetes

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About Our Service

We work alongside diabetes specialist nurses and diabetes consultants and see patients for one to one appointments, or as joint appointments with a diabetes specialist nurse or in education groups run for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

A key part of our role is the education and support of Health Professionals and others involved in giving dietary messages. We will often have student dietitians in our clinics.

Who can access the service?

  • People who are newly diagnosed or have ongoing problems with Type 1 Diabetes control
  • People with Type 2 diabetes, who have accessed structured education in the community, but need further individualised dietary advice
  • Type 1 diabetes and sports
  • People in transition service, moving from paediatric to young adult services.
  • Women with diabetes planning for pregnancy, who are pregnant or have developed gestational diabetes.
  • People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who want to learn to carbohydrate count.
  • People with Type 2 diabetes commencing insulin therapy
  • People who have diabetes secondary to other condition such as pancreatitis

We offer structured diabetes self-management training for people with type 1 diabetes including the 5 day DAFNE course (separate referral to DAFNE admin required)

Please note if you have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or are looking to reduce your risk of diabetes your doctor or practice nurse can refer to community group education, these are not run by secondary care services… see link in further information.

How to access our services

Your consultant, GP or Practice Nurse can refer you if you have a dietary problem that meets our referral criteria. We are not able to accept self-referrals from patients at the moment.

For more information:

Diabetes UK

British Dietetic Association

Carbs and Cals

DAFNE (Structured education for people with Type 1 diabetes)

British Heart Foundation

For people who are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes / want to access group structured education for Type 2 diabetes

Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group, including link to Diabetes prevention programme

Low Calorie Diet Programme

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