Whether you’re completely new to

e-Resources and evidence databases or just need a refresher – we can help.

The Library training team:

If you’d like to arrange a training session for yourself, your team, or even your department – please contact either of us:

Sarah Gardner
Clinical/Outreach Librarian
(based at Bassetlaw but can travel & use Teams)
Tel: 01909 572950 or BAS ext.572950

Dave Ashbey 
Knowledge & Information Officer
(based at DRI but can travel & use Teams too)
Tel: 01302 642892 or DRI ext.642892

What can we help with?

We can provide training sessions to suit your needs. We offer both 1 to 1 and group sessions, in person in the library or anywhere on site, or via MS Teams, covering a range of resources and skills.

Our most popular sessions are:

Getting the most out of e-Resources:

Find out how to most effectively use NHS OpenAthens, Dynamed Plus, Anatomy TV, NICE Evidence, TRiPdatabase, BMJ Best Practice, eBNF & a range of other high quality clinical evidence.
This can be anything from a quick guide around what’s available, to a comprehensive tour of all of the best evidence sources and how to use them effectively.
Alternatively, we can tailor the session to exactly what you need – just ask.

More information about these resources here.

Evidence Searching:

Learn the basic skills to effectively and efficiently search databases such as Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane and NICE Evidence. Normally takes 1-2 hours.

 Critical Appraisal Skills:

Learn to assess the quality of the evidence you find to judge whether it’s worth taking notice of or has flaws you should know about.
These are normally 3 hour group sessions and can either be arranged specifically for a department or team, or look out for the advertised general critical appraisal training sessions in Buzz.
Alternatively, if you just have some questions about critical appraisal concepts like RCTs, blinding, systematic reviews, or anything else – feel free to get in touch with Dave or Sarah – see below.


We can help you understand why referencing evidence that you refer to is important, the main points of systems like Harvard and APA referencing, and easy ways to use Word to organise references and citations.

For further assistance, library staff will also be happy to assist. Please direct your enquiry to staff as follows:

Tel: 01909 572917 or internal ext. 572917

Tel: 01302 642894 or internal ext. 642894

Reports and  Official Documents

Impact report – did our training sessions help staff? Read all about it here: Training Impact Infographic 2018 19

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