Clinical Librarian and Outreach Service

We want to help you use the best evidence available – whether it’s for day to day work, changing policies or procedures, or for an assignment.

To help you find it, we have a range of skills and services that can help you find and use the best information that’s out there…

Evidence Search Service

If you need a literature search to be undertaken – just download and complete the online form below and email it to us.

Please give as much detail as possible, although if anything isn’t clear, we’ll try to contact you to clarify your request.

Alternatively, you can visit the Library at Bassetlaw or DRI and explain what you need to our staff.

BUT! Please be aware that if your search is for a course you’re on – we can’t do it for you (it’s a bit like asking your mum to do your homework). However, we can arrange a training session to teach you how to conduct a basic search yourself – allow 1-2 hours and contact Sarah or Dave to book a slot (see Contact us, below).

Some of our most recent search topics include:
– Haemophilus parainfluenzae – can it cause lung nodules?
– Single point of access to community healthcare
– Severe gastric distention with ischaemia  in Prader Willi syndrome
– Incidence of humerus fracture and displaced clavicle in normal vs difficult births
– Anteriolateral access to hip during surgery
– Cemented versus uncemented stems
– Molecular basis of pulmonary artery hypertension
– Molecular basis of Von Willebrand factor
– Do spreader grafts work?
– Evidence base for Tier 3 Weight Management Services
– Best practice in treating pyrexia in adults
– Ethical dilemmas around treatment of necrotising pancreatitis
– Assessment of paediatric pain
– Mental health act section 3 detainments applied by general hospitals and mental health trusts
– Evidence base to support bariatric surgery from a public health perspective
– Percentage of patients presenting with splenic haematoma in blunt abdominal trauma
– Migraine as initial presentation of MS
– Art therapy and learning disabilities

Impact Report: You can read about the impact of our Evidence Search Service against the Trust objectives in our report below:
Literature Search Impact Report 2017/18

Service Standard: We will undertake a search on any subject you are researching or developing. Our service standard is to deliver the results to you within 10 working days, or by a mutually agreed date.
Literature Search Service Delivery Standard


We provide training sessions to suit your needs. We offer both 1:1 and group sessions covering a range of resources and skills. Our most popular sessions are:

  • Evidence Searching: Learn the basic skills to effectively and efficiently search databases such as Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane and NICE Evidence. Normally takes 1-2 hours.
  • Getting the most out of e-Resources: Find out how to most effectively use resources like NHS Athens, Dynamed Plus, Anatomy TV, NICE Evidence, TRiPdatabase, BMJ Best Practice, eBNF & a range of other high quality resources. This session can be anything from a quick hand to get you started to a comprehensive 2 hour tour of all of the main evidence sources and how to use them effectively.
  • Critical Appraisal Skills: Learn to assess the quality of the evidence you find to help you judge whether it’s worth taking notice of or has flaws you should know about. These are 3 hour group sessions and can either be arranged specifically for a department or team, or look out for the advertised general critical appraisal training sessions. Alternatively, if you just have a quick question you want an answer to – feel free to get in touch with Dave or Sarah.

To arrange a training session, please contact Dave or Sarah – see Contact Us, below.

Impact report – did our training sessions help staff? Read all about it here: Training Sessions Impact Report 2017/18

Journal Clubs

Why have a journal club?
1. To highlight new research
2. To teach how to search for interesting articles representing the best evidence to inform practice
3. To encourage critical appraisal of evidence
4. To improve debating skills, demonstrate leadership skills, and aid peer mentorship.

Whether you have an existing journal club, or want to establish a new one, we can help with:

  • Literature searches for paper selection
  • Refresher training on critical appraisal of research
  • Checklists for critically appraising different types of research papers
  • Supporting presenters with templates and advice

For further information about Journal Club Support please contact:
Sarah Gardner, Clinical/Outreach Librarian
Tel: 01909 572950 or BAS ext.572950

Current Awareness Bulletins and Electronic Table of Contents Alerts (E-TOCS)

Bespoke Current Awareness bulletins and TOCs alerts for individual departments and specialities can be set up as required. Contact the Clinical/Outreach Librarian in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

Visit our current awareness services page for details of our regular topic bulletins and how to sign up.

For further information about bespoke Current Awareness services please contact:
Sarah Gardner, Clinical/Outreach Librarian
Tel: 01909 572950 or BAS ext.572950

Publications Register

The Knowledge & Library Service maintains a Publications Register of published articles, books and chapters written by Trust staff.

You can access the Publications Register by going to

Enter the catalogue and from the main search page follow the Publications Register link in the news section. From here you can access a searchable database of publications – options include searching by author or by Care Group/Corporate Directorate.

The entries are being updated monthly – if you have published something we may have missed please e-mail the details to so that it can be followed up. Alternatively, complete the form below relevant to your Trust and e-mail it :

DBTH Publications Register Submission Form
RDaSH Publications Register Submission Form

In addition, items that are indexed in publications that appear in Medline or PubMed appear as an RSS feed on our Knowledge & Information portal as they are made available.

Contact Us

Sarah Gardner
Clinical/Outreach Librarian
(based at Bassetlaw but can travel)
Tel: 01909 572950 or BAS ext.572950

Dave Ashbey 
Knowledge & Information Officer
(based at DRI but can travel)
Tel: 01302 642892 or DRI ext.642892

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