Patient Health Information

Good information about medical conditions, treatments and healthy living can be tricky to find using internet search engines like Google, so we’ve put together a range of high quality sites which provide detailed information on a wide array of different aspects of health.

These links and resources are provided to help people looking for reliable and up to date information to help make informed decisions about their health.

Take a look at the Navigation menu and open the category you’re interested in from the list.  When you see a site that looks useful, just click on their logo to open it up.


These websites are high quality sites, freely available for anyone to use.  However, they should not to be used as an endorsement of what treatment, etc. is recommended by the NHS.

If you have concerns about your health, you should always seek medical advice from an appropriately qualified practitioner such as your GP, Practice Nurse or Pharmacist.

Website Changes

Be aware that websites are constantly being developed, so if a link doesn’t work, it may be that the website has changed.

All of these sites and links were correct at the time of publishing.  If you notice any links that no longer work, please email the Library staff at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust at or phone 01302 642894.

Last Updated

This list of websites was last checked in May 2021

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