Accessibility – Information in different languages and Easy-Read format

Finding health information in languages other than English is often difficult.  These websites help to both track down information written in other languages and translate articles written in English.


The NHS website

The NHS Website has put together a list of instructions and websites to both link to information written in other languages and translate information from English into a number of different languages.

Google Translate

Uses software to translate website information into different languages.

To use:

  1. Open the page you want to translate, copy the web address.
  2. Open a new tab and open Google Translate.
  3. Paste the web address of the article into the box on the left.
  4. Change the language above the box on the right using the ‘V’ icon and the article should be translated.

(be aware that the translation is via computer software, so there may be inaccuracies)


Easyhealth was made so that people know where to find ‘accessible’ health information. ‘Accessible’ information is information that uses easy words with pictures. There are over 500 leaflets on Easyhealth, made by many different organisations. You can print off most of the leaflets straight away.

 Doncaster Interpretation and Translation Unit

DITU has been established since 2005 to ensure that local services are more accessible for members of the community for whom English is not their first language or are unable to communicate effectively enough in English. Interpreters can help to overcome language barriers and ensure that important messages are not missed and that all the community can access services such as health, education, legal and benefit services equally.

At DITU we have a variety of interpretation and translation services available to organisations and it may be that you need to access one or all of them. We offer a free, no obligation opportunity to assess the needs of your organisation and offer advice and guidance on services available, whilst ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service at competitive rates.

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