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Please contact the Library and Learning Resource Centre staff at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, either by email: or phone 01302 642894.

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DBTH Library - Evidence Search Request Form

Use this form to request a search for evidence on a topic. Any fields marked with * have to be filled in.
  • (If you're not a library member, get in touch and join asap please)
  • (10 working days is our regular timescale, but if it's urgent - let us know)
    If it's for a course you're on, we probably can't carry out the search for you, BUT we can train you to search effectively - please get in touch to arrange a training session.
  • As much information as possible please, although we'll contact you to clarify anything unclear
  • Please let us know anything you think might be helpful to our searchers - articles you already know of, terminology that might be helpful, etc.
    Lots of results can be overwhelming, so we can refine them to the 'best', although you might miss some useful articles if we weed out too many.
  • Some articles may cover animals rather than humans - let us know if you'd like us to filter out those studies.
    Bibliographic list - Results presented in a hierarchy of evidence quality OR Must know/Should know/Could know - Results filtered and arranged in order of their likely value in answering your enquiry. If you don't choose, we'll use our best judgement.
  • All searches will be limited to English unless otherwise noted

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