Specific Medical Conditions

These sites generally cover a fairly small number of medical conditions each, but also tend to provide more thorough and in-depth information than the more general sites.


To visit the site, simply click on the logo:

Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of different types of arthritis.

British Heart Foundation

“We have reliable, simple information about heart and circulatory diseases, and their risk factors. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a condition or know someone who has, we are here for you”.

Information, advice and support for anyone affected by liver conditions

High quality information and advice about various types of cancer for patients and carers.

A wide range of information about diabetes and its treatment.

High quality information about the dementia journey alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways.

Website built by kidney patients. Aims to bring patients real information about their condition, and put patients in touch with each other.

Information and advice on a huge range of mental health topics.

Help and support for people affected by mental illness.

Also able to provide practical help and advice by phone, 9:30am-1:00pm Monday-Friday.

Information and advice about stroke for patients, carers and anyone else affected by this condition

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