Questions to Get You Exploring

Questions to get you exploring

There will – in most cases – be information relating to your enquiry on more than one site, but these questions give you ideas to explore & examples of places to find information.

1 How do I recognise the symptoms of meningitis?

The NHS Website:-
From the home page, search for – Meningitis – scroll down the page to the Symptoms section for more in depth details.  Find it here

2 What injections do I need when I travel to Egypt?

The NHS Fit For Travel Website:-
Click on – Destinations – Scroll down the page until you reach Egypt. Click on the link & scroll down to – Immunisations – & look for “Courses or boosters usually advised”. Find it here

3 How do I find a Dentist that is currently accepting NHS patients?

The NHS Website:-
From the home page, click on – Services near you – Type in dentists-  or choose dentists from the A-Z list. Type in your postcode and you will see a list of practices with details of what categories of patients they may be accepting at the moment.  Find it here

4 I need a patient information leaflet on Cataract Surgery for my elderly mother

There are various places to find patient information leaflets and it is always worth looking at the hospital sites for their own e.g.

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals:-
Just scroll down the A-Z list of leaflets to – Cataracts. Find it here

Alternatively, The NHS Website:-
Health A-Z – Cataract Surgery – you can either print or e-mail results to yourself. Find it here

5 I need information to explain breast cancer screening in Urdu
The NHS Website:-
Search for – Breast Screening – Open the page, copy the web address.
Open a new tab and open Google Translate (find it in the Accessibility section) or click here.
Paste the web address of the English language Breast Screening article into the box on the left.
Change the language above the box on the right to Urdu using the ‘V’ icon and the article should be translated.
(be aware that the translation is via computer software, so there may be inaccuracies)

6 Are there any videos explaining what I need to know about Type 2 Diabetes

Patient website:-
Type in Diabetes Type 2 for a list of articles.  Click on Type 2 Diabetes (Conditions) & scroll down to the video “What is type 2 diabetes?” & click to play.  Find it here

7 Is there any information on the medicine ‘Lisinopril’?

Patient website:-
From the home page, search for – Lisinopril – click on “Lisinopril – an ACE inhibitor (Zestril)” (Medicines). Find it here

8 I want to know which local care homes care for a relative with Dementia

In ‘search the whole website’ choose ‘Care Homes’ from the dropdown, then choose the location. Hit SEARCH.
From the filters on the left hand side select – Dementia/Alzheimer’s, you can now scan the information. Find it here

9 Is there a site signposting Dementia support in Doncaster?

You can look at Services near you on the NHS site, but another useful resource is the Doncaster Dementia Roadmap – Find it here

10 I am having a knee replacement, and I want to know how long it will be before I can start driving again

Royal College of Surgeons Get Well Soon:
On the home page, click on – Recovering from Surgery – & choose the link to “Knee surgery – Total Knee Replacement”. Scroll down & on the right, choose – Driving – Find it here

11 My son has just been diagnosed with Dyskeratosis Congenita, can I talk to someone who’s in a similar situation?

Contact A Family:
Search for the condition. Open the information page & scroll down to open the section labelled – Is there support? – Find it here

12 I’ve just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – is there an organisation I can contact for recipe ideas that are safe for me & advise me about how to exercise?

The NHS Website:
Search for diabetes & open the article. Click on the link to ‘Finding help & support’.  Various organisations should appear – Find it here

A search for diabetes provides links to Diabetes UK – Find it here

Search for diabetes, open the diabetes ‘category’ & scroll down to the bottom of the page – there should be articles on snack choices, food shopping tips & a recipe – Find it here

13 Do you know where I can find an easy to read leaflet on breast screening to share with my daughter who has learning disability?

From the home page, select Health Leaflets and Videos. Use the A-Z list to select’Breasts’ and you should see a number of leaflets and videos that should be useful. Find it here

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