All our eBooks are available on the library catalogue.  E-books are also available through some provider websites and you can request an eBook for purchase.  An OpenAthens login in required for eBooks


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Over 135 titles, covering nursing, investigations, palliative care, surgery, diabetes & more.  Special collections on:

Resilience and Wellbeing eBooks

Diversity and Inclusion eBooks

Sustainability eBooks

Psychological therapies eBooks

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Over 200 books covering many different health topics are available on Proquest Ebook Central. In the Advanced Search you can limit the results to titles “Owned and subscribed to by my library”.

Books with a green star can be read straight away whereas books with an orange star can be read for 5 minutes and if it looks useful you can request this book for purchase.  The library team will assess whether we can add the title to the collection and contact you.

Oxford Medicine Online provides access to the Oxford Handbooks, Oxford Specialist Handbooks, Oxford Textbooks and the Emergencies In series.

We’ve created a Bite Sized guide to help you use the features of this great resource.  Hard copies of most of the books are available in the libraries.

The Royal Marsden Manual includes over 350 evidence-based clinical procedures related to every aspect of care, from hand-washing to cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

We’ve created a Bite Sized guide to help you use the features of this great resource.  Hard copies are available in the libraries.

Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines is an essential evidence-based e-handbook on the safe and effective prescribing of psychotropic agents.

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